We created education and training programs that are designed to help your organization evaluate the benefits of Digital Marketing and achieve the highest levels of success, innovation and sales. You can see our main education programs below. Click on the subject to see the short description. Education programs can be customized to best meet your organization’s needs.

Marketing and PR before and after “Digital era”

Technological advances are changing the way people connect. In this section we will discuss what has changed since the beginning of digital era and how organizations can adopt to this constantly changing marketplace.

Direct communications with customers: Social Media

Marketing is no longer a one-way communication. In this section we will discuss how to start conversations and build strong relationships between your brand and people on social media.

Direct communications with customers: Blog

Blogs are a popular way of creating content and thanks to technology, they are an easy and efficient way to get organizations or personal viewpoints out into the market. In this section we will discuss how organizations can benefit from blogging.

Direct communications with customers: Other

With an increase in internet speed and its availability audio and video have become a norm on the internet. In this section we will discuss video blogging and pod-casting.

Digital Marketing and PR Plan

Any organization should have a plan in its different activities. The same is true about digital marketing and PR. In this section we will discuss the importance of having a plan and focusing on buyers and not products or services.

Mobile marketing

The exponential growth of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets means that people can look for product and services on the go. In this section we will discuss what this means for your website and how you can benefit from mobile boom.

Content marketing

Nowadays, when people want to buy something internet is the first place they refer to for research, especially when they are not familiar with the brand or product. In this section we will discuss how your website’s content drives action.

News releases in a web world

Organizations no longer need to rely exclusively on expensive media to deliver its messages to the customers. Today smart marketers tell their news directly through web. In this section we will discuss how companies can use news releases in the web world.

Search engine marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process to ensure that the words and phrases on your website will be found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex. In this section we will discuss why it is important to have high ranking in Google and how to reach high rankings.

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