Facebook livestream may pay big bucks to celebrities

With Facebook livestream service Facebook has entered into live streaming space with large steps. Live-streaming is becoming one of the hottest trends in social media and a growing number of people are using it.

Any innovation by Facebook gives marketers some food for thought. And here is what you should now about Facebook Live.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with Facebook livestream service and is very keen to make it a big focus. He has made Facebook Live a priority for the company’s video-focused product and engineering teams. This means that Facebook Live will not be abandoned even of it does not guarantee success and encounters early challenges.

In an effort to drive adoption of Live, Facebook makes offers to celebrities who it hopes can help popularize Live-streaming on its social network. This is apparently the first time the company has offered compensation for adoption, reflecting just how important Live is.

Facebook may pay celebrities big bucks to livestream

Facebook may pay celebrities big bucks to livestream

It is an interesting move from Facebook, and further underlines their expanded efforts to make their platform the place for live-stream content. Facebook did not comment on the specific detail of its pitch to celebrity users, but it did confirm that meetings had taken place with celebrities, and that they were looking to put a bigger emphasis on Live content.

The monetization angle is particularly interesting. Facebook does not have ads on Live now and has not figured out how it wants them to show up there, so it does not want to oversell the amount of money that talent can make on the platform. The idea is that, long-term, Facebook thinks the service will generate ad revenue, and that instead of paying celebrities directly, it can share the ad revenue with celebrities who generate it, in the same way YouTube does with its individual content creators.

Facebook livestream videos are more likely to rank higher in the News Feed

Facebook says that users spend three times more time watching a Live video than a video that has been pre-recorded, so it has updated the algorithm that governs the News Feed to prioritize Live videos.

While the company calls this update “small”, and also notes: “We do not expect Pages to see significant changes as a result of this update,” marketers looking for ways to cut through the News Feed clutter now have a new tool that might help them do just that”.


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