Most memorable hashtags of all times

It is hardly possible to imagine a single campaign or significant event that goes by without having hashtags attached on digital platforms: Facebook, Twitter. The latter quite often becomes the primary source of news for individuals and high-profile publications. Presenting you some most memorable and used hashtags of all times.

1. #YesWeCan – Obama Election Campaign

Despite hashtags not being particularly common in political campaigns back in 2008, a significant number of people used Barrack Obama’s iconic ‘Yes We Can’.

#YesWeCan hashtag


Obama’s hashtag saw a massive spike, and it arguably set the trend for future campaigns, almost all of which now rely heavily on hashtag slogans.

2. #ALSIceBucketChallenge – ALS Association

Actually, this is the most successful hashtag campaign of all time in terms of worldwide reach and media coverage.  You would literally have to be living on a different planet to have misses this one.

#ALSIceBucketChallange hashtag


This is the perfect example of how something very small – the hashtag was born in a Massachusetts living room – can go viral if the content and message are on point.

3. #ThisGirlCan – Sport England

This campaign from Sport England aimed to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to get off the sofa and get fit.

#ThisGirlCan hashtag


It was all about building confidence, but it also did a fantastic job of raising the profile of Sport England, with the video alone having received 13m views to date.

The hashtag enjoyed another spike in popularity on International Women’s Day a couple of weeks ago.

4. #BeatCancer – Livestrong

The #BeatCancer hashtag is old but still topical. It achieved more than 300,000 tweets and 1.67bn impressions, with PayPal and SWAGG donating $0.05 to a cancer charity for every time the hashtag was mentioned.

#beatcancer hashtag


The above figures might not seem huge next to the likes of the ice bucket challenge, but bear in mind this was 2010, before the viral spreading of online news that we are used to now.

5. #ShareACoke – Coca-Cola

Who would have thought putting a name on a bottle could generate so much social content and noise? Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign is proof that simplicity and the personal touch are powerful things.

When the campaign first launched in 2013, Coca-Cola created 1,000 different named labels, all displaying the #ShareACoke hashtag, which received 160,000 Twitter mentions and 740m impressions.

#ShareACoke hashtag


And the hashtag is still going strong today…

Talking about the Armenian social media, a few hashtags have become impactful and gained popularity. Perhaps the below hashtag is the strongest and the most successful one.

6. #electricyerevan

The Protests against a hike in electricity rates gave birth to #electricyerevan hashtag. This campaign aimed at encouraging every citizen to take part in protests and fight against electricity rate increase in June 2015. There was a strong belief among most protesters that the rate increase is a result of mismanagement within the electricity grid operator.

#ElectricYerevan hashtag


7. #Armref2015

This is another popular hashtag in Armenian social media that generated lots of buzz and social content. This hashtag presents political content and was about Armenian constitutional referendum of 2015. According to public opinion the elections were fraud and serious irregularities were reported in the election process.

#Armref15 hashtag



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